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We got to hear about their challenges and successes. Because diversity drives innovation and that fact changes the way we think about innovation, diversity, and inclusion. Remember, tomorrow is just another day in our journey to fulfill our mission. We learned about the importance of bringing in new people with other backgrounds at different points of the process. This is why we are doing things a little differently. With that in mind, we have launched and run over Respectful workplace and Unconscious Bias workshops in offices across the world. This approach is not intended to raise fresh capital, but to let investors get their returns.

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Normally, companies spend their day doing interviews on the trading floor touting why their stock is a good investment. Remember, tomorrow is just another day in our journey to fulfill our mission. In December , the company launched a new website, "Spotify for Artists", that explained its business model and revenue data.

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This is just the beginning While we are very happy to finally have published our data, this is really just the beginning. We want deep meaningful change and inclusion activities that seed both diversity and inclusion ubiquitously into everything we do as a company. They need to be overcome because they are critical for innovation and for our success. With 8.

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All delegates will now be inclusion ambassadors in their organizations, and also bring back the learnings and the methods from the summit to their colleagues. Spotify mainly uses MightyTV to improve its advertising efforts on the free tier of service. After the summit Being a delegate at the Spotify Inclusion Summit is not a two-day commitment but a year-long one.

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Both of these methods mean that we simply ask our employees very nicely to share this information. We depend on our diversity for innovation, progress and a great environment for everyone. Say hi to the Spotify diversity data! You make me proud to come in and learn and work alongside all of you. You always have the choice to adjust your interest settings or unsubscribe. So, what did the world listen to in ? All summit delegates now have the assignment to bring these tools back to their organizations. Norms will not change by accident! Embracing our differences ensures that Spotify continues to be the destination where we can connect the dots and move both culture and innovation. We got to hear about their challenges and successes.

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Hundreds of millions of streams of tracks are happening each and every day, which quickly multiplies the potential revenues on offer — and is a constant long-term source of income for artists. We want a climate in our organization and offices where everyone can feel welcome and valued; employees, guests, partners and creators alike. In the world around us, diversity discussions were still about being compliant, or diversity as something you did for ethical reasons. We also learned how to actively challenge our own selection criteria.

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Harder, better, faster, stronger. In it was a small group of 50 people educating each other on what diversity means, taking bold steps just to put diversity on the agenda and get the dialogue started. New perspectives always improve ideas and spark further creativity.


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