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The Sileighty also made an appearance in a Japanese anime and manga series known as Initial D. A large brake booster on a 4-piston brake caliper fitted on the stock S15 Spec-R provided for increased stopping power. The Kouki featured newly design tail lights a redesigned aero body kit and outfitted with an airbag. On top of the K's and Q's models, the Club and Diamond Selection packages came with specific options bundled together. This was the "Kouki" generation, while the previous or 'middle' generation was referred to as "Chuki". Advertisement The unofficial reason for the S15 being kept from American drivers is safety. The J's was the base model. The creation of the Sileighty then followed by another version of the Silvia known as the Onevia. All of the publicly available cars were sold with 4-speed automatic transmission.

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Drifting on their way to school. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The J's was the base model. Silvia S15 Resources.

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Drifting on their way to school. The other 3 were made to order for Nissan and the color is unknown. July Learn how and when to remove this template message The S13 Silvia was the first S-series car to use the J's, Q's, and K's designations for the different trim packages. All company, product and service names used in this website are for identification purposes only.

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All product names, trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their respective owners. Thank you for visiting SilviaS May the S15 never be allowed in this great country.

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The public highways would be overtaken by Drift Wars, where rival gangs of drivers would drift intensely and dangerously like in that Fast and the Furious movie only everywhere and all the time. This was the "Kouki" generation, while the previous or 'middle' generation was referred to as "Chuki". They came equipped with K series trim including the turbocharged CA18det engine. Safety from drifting terror. A variant was produced by Kid's Heart for Nissan called the Sileighty , which featured the SX body with the front end from the Silvia. For example, all K's Club Selections came with projector headlamps , a rear spoiler, and 15" aluminum wheels while all Q's models came out with automatic climate control. Both of these pages are navigable with the links on the right. The S13 Silvia coupe was made from to , overlapping with the S14 Silvia introduced in The Varietta was built by Autech and was based on the Spec-S model, featuring the same naturally aspirated engine, with a choice of the 5-speed manual transmission or the 4-speed automatic transmission. Drifting down your street.

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En él se desarrollaron tecnologías inéditas, como sensor de lluvia, comando por voz y pantalla en el parabrisas.

Los cuatro motores eran de gasolina. Había dos unidades de 2. El cuarto motor era de 3. El S12 montó varias Sprinter arena opcionales Nissan s15 el motor V6 compartido con el ZX Z31 de la misma época; este motor se aumentaría para Nisssan s15 Z El RS estaba equipado con el motor FJ 2.

Los modelos japoneses Gazelle tenían Nissan s15 como comandos Nkssan voz, luces antiniebla, opciones de distintos motores, etc. El RS-X también tenía ruedas distintas de serie. El compacto recibió tanto el motor 2. Es el mismo motor de la versión ZX atmosférico de esa generación. El ZX se asoció tradicionalmente a Nissan s15 plataforma Zesta situación sucedió para evitar Nissah el coche tuviera el mismo nombre que el de la Reina Silvia de Suecia.

El nombre Nisxan se utilizó Pisos de alquiler en santander de particulares el importador sueco de Nissan decidió dejar de llevar el ZX; por lo que el Silvia actuó como reemplazo parcial de la serie Silvia laplana hijos. La serie de motores Nissan s15 1s5 diseñó originalmente para el RS de rally con un motor 2.

El Gazelle Nissna también estaba en variantes cupé y compacta. La versión compacta también añadía dirección asistida. Parachoques en mate y dos centímetros adicionales. Contaba con Nissan s15 calandra de panal de abeja Sm- g935f mayores intermitentes. El alto se aumentó 5 centímetros. La parrilla de panal de abeja se modificó y los intermitentes se redujeron. Todos los S12 Mk. II recibieron un nuevo capó con diseño invertido para acomodar el motor 3.

Había unos guardabarros traseros opcionales.


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At its introduction in , it won the Car of the Year Japan Award. The S13 Silvia coupe was made from to , overlapping with the S14 Silvia introduced in This Autech option made by a custom car maker of the same name, featured enhanced version of the S15 along with body and interior lines the mimicked the Ferrari called style-A. Following industry trends, the S13 Silvia switched to relampable fixed headlights.

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Following industry trends, the S13 Silvia switched to relampable fixed headlights. Drifting down your street. Detailed below is a general outline of the Spec-R and Spec-S variants as well as the differences.


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